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Post-secondary education FAQ’s

Post-secondary education FAQ’s

Prior to beginning your search for post-secondary education, a few questions that typically come to mind are:

  1. What program or career am I passionate about?
  2. Which public or private colleges provide the highest quality training?
  3. Can I afford it?

These are all excellent questions with rather simple answers:

  1. When determining what program is right for you, one method is to visit the Job Bank of Canada, LinkedIn, and These are excellent tools for determining which jobs are highest in demand, the average pay rates for that career, and which companies are actively hiring.
  2. While searching for post-secondary education, your mind may gravitate towards comparing tuition and/or fees. This is understandable, but your experience can vary depending on other factors such as success rate, method of delivery, and employment rate for that institution. It is also important to consider whether or not your program of choice includes a work practicum (on the job experience). This can greatly increase your success rate in the industry of your liking.
  3. Now, the BIG question: How do you pay for the program? One frequently used resource is Student Aid Alberta. Student Aid Alberta offers loans to pay for the program now, which allows you to pay for it over time later. You may also qualify for grants to help support your cost-of-living while attending college. Fortunately, grants do not require repayment so long as you successfully
    complete and graduate from your program. Your tuition through Student Aid Alberta are also tax deductible! Remember, you are investing in YOURSELF through education, so invest wisely and make it count!
  4. Grants are determined through analysis of the most recent total income from your household, dependent children under the age of 12, permanent disabilities, and how much time has passed since graduating high school. The grant amounts are determined on an individual basis. This means that, through Student Aid Alberta, you will be eligible for the same amount regardless of the college
    you choose.
  5. Private Career Colleges are unique and often underestimated. These institutions are required to report and submit specific data to the province, such as the number of program attendees, graduation rates, the number of program graduates working full-time, part-time, unemployed, or employed in an unrelated field. The ideal scenario, in the eyes of the institution, would end with every student finding employment. Private colleges often take the time needed to ensure postgraduation employment for each student. This system allows for both the student and the college to be successful, but cannot be guaranteed.

The above points should shed some light on the enrolment process, as well as provide some insight on the ins and outs of post-secondary education. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, or assist with your application.

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