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Short Training Programs

Accounting and Finance Courses (Online)

Short Training Courses at Campbell College

Accounting Essentials

Course Overview

The “Accounting Essentials” training course provides a comprehensive introduction to bookkeeping and accounting, focusing on the fundamental principles of double-entry bookkeeping. This course is designed for individuals interested in careers in bookkeeping, clerical accounting, finance, general office work or those seeking to refresh their accounting knowledge. It is particularly beneficial for participants who need more formal bookkeeping instruction. Throughout the course, participants will cover the basics of accounting and complete the accounting cycle, gaining a solid foundation in financial management.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to gain the below knowledge/skills outcomes.

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Understanding accounting terminology
  • Knowledge of assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity
  • Proficiency in creating accounts.
  • Ability to make and adjust entries.
  • Competence in developing and reviewing financial statements.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the accounting course, participants will be capable of performing all essential steps of the accounting cycle, which include:

  • Journalizing transactions in chronological order in the general journal
  • Posting transactions in the public ledger
  • Preparing the trial balance
  • Performing adjusting entries at the end of the fiscal period
  • Preparing the worksheet
  • Generating the income statement
  • Compiling the balance sheet
  • Completing closing entries
Total Teaching Hours: 40 hours
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QuickBooks Online Level 1

Course Overview

The “QuickBooks Level 1” training course is designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills to utilize QuickBooks software for accounting and financial management purposes effectively. This course is suitable for individuals who are new to QuickBooks or have limited experience with the software. Through practical exercises and comprehensive instruction, participants will gain proficiency in navigating the QuickBooks interface, recording transactions, generating financial reports, and utilizing key features to streamline their accounting processes.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the QuickBooks interface and access key features efficiently.
  • Set up a company file in QuickBooks, customize preferences, and create a chart of accounts.
  • Record various financial transactions accurately, including sales, expenses, and banking activities.
  • Manage accounts receivable by creating invoices, tracking payments, and handling customer balances.
  • Handle accounts payable by recording and managing vendor bills, payments, and outstanding balances.
  • Generate standard financial reports in QuickBooks and customize them to suit specific reporting needs.
  • Utilize additional features and tools in QuickBooks, such as inventory management and payroll processing.
  • Implement internal controls within QuickBooks to maintain data accuracy and security.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the QuickBooks Level 1 course, participants will have developed the following skills:

  • Proficiently navigate and utilize QuickBooks software for day-to-day accounting tasks.
  • Efficiently record and manage financial transactions using the appropriate QuickBooks functionalities.
  • Generate and interpret financial reports to analyze the financial health of a company.
  • Apply best practices for managing accounts receivable and accounts payable in QuickBooks.
  • Utilize additional features and tools in QuickBooks to enhance accounting efficiency.
  • Implement internal controls within QuickBooks to ensure data accuracy and security.
Total Teaching Hours: 40 hours

QuickBooks Online Level 2

Course Overview

The “QuickBooks Level 2” training course builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in QuickBooks Level 1 and delves deeper into advanced features and functionalities of QuickBooks software. This course is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of QuickBooks or who have completed QuickBooks Level 1 training. Participants will further enhance their skills in managing complex financial transactions, analyzing reports, utilizing advanced tools, and optimizing their use of QuickBooks for efficient financial management.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize advanced features of QuickBooks for comprehensive financial management.
  • Manage more complex transactions, including inventory tracking, job costing, and time tracking.
  • Analyze and interpret advanced financial reports to make informed business decisions.
  • Optimize using QuickBooks for budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management.
  • Automate recurring transactions and utilize batch invoicing and advanced billing options.
  • Streamline payroll processing and manage payroll liabilities within QuickBooks.
  • Implement advanced customization options and integrate third-party applications with QuickBooks.
  • Utilize QuickBooks to handle international transactions and multi-currency management.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the QuickBooks Level 2 course, participants will have developed the following skills:

  • Effectively manage advanced financial transactions and workflows using QuickBooks.
  • Analyze and interpret complex financial reports to gain deeper insights into business performance.
  • Apply advanced budgeting and forecasting techniques within QuickBooks.
  • Streamline processes through automation and advanced billing options in QuickBooks.
  • Optimize payroll management and navigate complex payroll scenarios using QuickBooks.
  • Customize QuickBooks to meet specific business needs and integrate with external applications.
  • Handle international transactions and multi-currency management effectively within QuickBooks.

To be enrolled in this course, it is compulsory that the trainee has a completed QuickBooks Online Level 1.

Total Teaching Hours: 40 hours
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