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Our Administrative Professional Diploma Program is the perfect formula for success! Our graduate success rate is 88%. We have been successfully training in this field since 1986. We have wonderful partnerships with industry, employers, and government. Please check under Continuing Education to see our current part-time courses.

Campbell College is more than just job training.   We specialize in building lasting relationships with our clients.   We are dedicated to supporting you while you are a student, on practicum, and with job search afterwards.   We want to ensure all our students find meaningful and rewarding employment.

Campbell College is about supporting you to achieve your career dreams and goals through technical, procedural, and soft skills training!   Contact us today and find out how this program fits your time and budget!

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What our Graduates say

Professionals who make Professionals, it is Campbell College!

You will not value the skills you get from Campbell College until you are in your placement then you will find out that you are at the top of everyone else. Campbell College gave me wisdom, knowledge, support, friends, and family.

RACHA ZIRAOUI Graduate 2018
The time went so fast, and I am really happy that I chose to come to Campbell College.

I learned many professional skills from this school—I improved using computers, communication skills, social skills, and much more. I had great teachers, and when I had some problems, they helped me by listening and gave me good advice. Now, I have graduated from Campbell College, I clearly know how to build my career in Canada and I am more confident and positive. Thanks to all of you again.

Shirley Chen Graduate June 2016
If you want to change yourself and have a good future, you need to come to Campbell College.

I am very thankful to Campbell College, I learned professional office administrative knowledge, updated my communication skills, and built a positive attitude. I had an extremely wonderful study experience at Campbell College.

Helen Chen Graduate June 2016
My first positive impression of the college was when I visited the college’s website.

Frankly, I felt comfort even then but more so when I started as a student… the director of the college is a very nice, kind person, and the teachers are highly qualified and really know their subjects. I received useful and interesting knowledge. The atmosphere in the college is creative and family-feeling. I want to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and creative approach to their work!

Irina Limanets Graduate April 2016
I am really happy with what I have gained at Campbell College.

I have certainly profited a lot from all of the courses. The training I had at Campbell had not only equipped me with technical skills (keyboarding, computer, office procedures, filing) but also intrapersonal skills. The Professional Development course effectively helped me cultivate a positive attitude, good and healthy self-esteem, assertiveness and courage.

Jackie Budaz Graduate April 2016
My life changed when my friend told me about Campbell College.

She had heard about it from a former graduate who told her all about their great reputation. I applied for and soon joined the college.For the short period it took to complete my program, I practised teamwork and learned to plan events, and my confidence and self-esteem has grown. With the training I got from Campbell College I know that I will land a good job. I thank all the staff and instructors for the encouragement and support given to me during my studies.

Pauline Omenyo Graduate January 2016