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Vocational Preparatory Program

About VOPP

Campbell College’s 2 weeks Vocational Preparatory Program (VOPP) is to provide an exemplary training/experience to its International Students so as to better adapt the Canadian Cultural and Professional ethics. VOPP offers a wide range of subject matter which has been created and taught to acknowledge Canadian history, day to day communication, Job search, Wellness and Nutrition.

Program highlights include:

  • Canadian Geography and History – Knowing about the Canadian history and geography would not just help the International students to understand the Canadian Culture and beliefs but also provide a foundation to better sense the contemporary situations of multiculturalism and diversity in Canada.
  • Communication Skills – It’s not just about exchanging the information, but also about learning to engage with themes and topics in individual ways. We teach our students to be inquisitive and curious learners. We teach them to be active listeners, keen observer, critical thinkers and effective speakers.
  • Manners and etiquettes – It enhances the effectiveness of the individual by avoiding unintentional offending of someone. It also enriches the communication by breaking down barriers, not erecting them.
  • Job search – To create work ready professionals our educators and placement coordinators work hard to provide the students with the clear understanding of the professional ethics and work culture demand in Canada. We help them to find and excel in part-time jobs so as to support their studies abroad as well as to get hands-on experience to prepare them for after course job market.
  • Health & Wellness – Poor physical and mental health can affect students learning abilities. Make the students aware of all the possible opportunities to make them physically fit, mentally stable, emotionally firm and socially adjustable.