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Legal Administrative Assistant

Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma Program in Edmonton, Alberta

The legal administrative assistant is an essential part of today’s law office team. The Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma Program offered by Campbell College in Edmonton will equip you with skills required to effectively perform the duties required of those employed in a legal administration environment.

Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma Program Overview

The Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma Program will cover all legal office procedures, legal terminology, court systems, legal record keeping, bookkeeping, billing clients and the preparation, filing and service of legal documents in the areas of wills and estates, family law, litigation, corporate law and real estate. In addition, you will build proficiency in keyboarding, law accounting software and a variety of computer programs.

Students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate the use of specialized legal terminology
  • Apply ethical rules related to the legal profession
  • Locate and manage data and information from a variety of electronic and paper sources
  • Prepare, manage, and maintain legal documents and correspondence for civil litigation, corporate, criminal, family, real estate and estate law
  • Edit legal paperwork
  • Use legal terminology and apply recording, transcription and language skills to produce accurate legal correspondence and employment related documents
  • Use effective interpersonal skills in the workplace to assist the completion of individual and team tasks and to promote the image of the organization
  • Use profession-relevant mathematics, insurance law and computer applications
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Program Length
44 weeks (20 hours/week)
Instruction 720 Hours
Practicum 320 Hours
Total 1,040 Hours


Canadian high school graduation or equivalent, or mature student status plus successful completion of entrance assessment and admissions interview.

Admissions Requirements

Speak to Admissions at 780.448.1850 for all upcoming start dates or write to us at

Career Opportunities

Embark on a rewarding career in the legal field as a Legal Administrative Assistant. This role is distinct from a paralegal position, focusing on the essential administrative support required to keep legal offices running smoothly. As a Legal Administrative Assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in managing schedules, handling client communications, and ensuring the seamless operation of legal proceedings. Dive into a dynamic environment where your attention to detail and proficiency in administrative tasks will shine. Discover a fulfilling career path that combines your administrative prowess with the fascinating world of law. Join us in the Legal Administrative Assistant field and be an integral part of the legal team without pursuing a paralegal program. Your journey into the legal profession starts here.

The myriad job titles within the Legal Administrative Assistant sector highlight the inherent diversity in this profession. Our training program is meticulously crafted to reflect this versatility, ensuring our graduates aren’t limited to a singular focus. Our goal is to furnish them with a well-rounded skill set across the legal administrative spectrum, empowering them to thrive in any position they choose. Through developing a comprehensive understanding of the legal administrative landscape, our graduates emerge as adept contributors, seamlessly integrating their roles within the broader organizational context.

Job Titles Related to this Program

  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Researcher
  • Law/Judicial Clerk
  • Legal Office Manager
  • Legal Claims Coordinator
  • Legal Transcriptionist
  • Legal Administrator
  • Compliance Assistant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Land Titles Analyst

Courses Covered
Course Duration: 30 Hours

In the modern business environment, managers, employees, and consumers all need knowledge of and skills in business mathematics. For business students, it is very important to have practical knowledge of applying mathematical techniques to generate information and knowledge from the collected data. This course will help students increase their mathematics knowledge to develop the skills at applying this knowledge, and to introduce students to business application areas. Students will learn basic skills in mathematics and knowledge of the fundamentals of business practices and money management.

Course Duration: 80 Hours

Upon completion of all computer courses, students will have a thorough understanding of how a computer system works and sound knowledge of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite. Graduates will be able to create business documents, e-mails, and spreadsheets. They will be well prepared for the Legal Office Applications course.

Course Duration: 90 Hours
Business English:

This course provides an extensive review of grammar and punctuation. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to write sentences and paragraphs correctly.

Business Communication:

This course is an in-depth examination of business writing concepts and techniques. Students learn to refine their writing skills, learn the mechanics of professional business writing, and increase their ability and confidence in verbal and written communication.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

Students will build a vocabulary of common legal terminology used within a law office, government agency, court systems, social services, and current affairs through practice, study guides, and quizzes. They will be introduced to Canadian law and the legal system: legal processes and institutions, principles of legal reasoning, and approaches to the analysis of law. Students will learn about the law governing relationships between individuals and between individuals and the state.

Ethics :

This course is an in-depth study of the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills required for personal, and employment success. These workshops are integrated throughout the program to provide students with high-impact communication, team building, and problem-solving skills.

Course Duration: 80 Hours

In this module, students learn the day-to-day organization, management, and procedures of a legal office. Latest developments in office technology are presented and applied practically as students draft standard legal documents such as agreements, statements of claim and defense, letters, and memos.

Law office trust accounting concepts and procedures are covered. Students are introduced to the required privacy legislation and confidentiality and skills such as timekeeping, multitasking and prioritizing, filing, and the effective use of communication systems.

Course Duration: 80 Hours
Legal Office Applications :

This course will provide students with an introduction to a variety of software and web-based search resources such as Canlii, Quicklaw, and the Alberta Queen’s Printer. Legal accounting and billing programs will be demonstrated such as PCLAW, ESILAW, and Prolaw.


With enhanced typing skills developed through the keyboarding course, and improved grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills developed through the Business English course, students will use a Transcription Tutorial to learn and practice the skills, shortcuts, and techniques needed to produce quality transcripts.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

This course will provide an overview of the legal principles governing the preparation of a will. Students will learn the terminology used in wills and the basic steps involved in the preparation and execution of a will; including testacy and intestacy, obtaining letters, and administering the estate.

Course Duration: 40 Hours

This course focuses on the substantive law of real estate. Students are introduced to basic conveyancing procedures. The land titles system is covered, along with forms and documents relating to the transfer of title, encumbrances, mortgages, and discharge of encumbrances/mortgages. The structure of a real estate sale will be illustrated. Students also learn the requirements for acting for the vendor and acting for the purchaser.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

This module introduces students to the courts of law. Judges, court officials, and their respective duties are discussed. The rules of court practice are set out in The Court of Queen’s Bench Act and the Queen’s Bench Rules. The student will learn of the steps, documents, and limitation periods set out in these Rules. Actions and applications are the two categories of civil proceedings brought before the courts. Appeals and motions occur within these categories. This section will step through a model of a civil action, and will also review the processes of applications, appeals, and motions. Definitions will be provided for legal terminology and precedents of completed court documents will be reviewed.

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Family law is an ever-growing area of litigation. It encompasses the laws of marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce, custody, access, support, and division of property upon marriage breakdown. This module introduces the relevant statutes and provides precedents of commonly used documents. The student will follow through contested and uncontested divorce proceedings step-by-step. They will also learn about procedures for division of property, domestic agreements, and variation of court orders.

Course Duration: 40 Hours

This course introduces the student to the various forms of business ownership and the steps required to incorporate them. Students will learn the basic legal procedures and work with the documents associated with buying and selling business assets and the registration of a security interest in person. The course will compare and contrast proprietorships and partnerships, and the student will learn the steps and procedures required for incorporation. Students will explore the legal documentation associated with corporate matters including the maintenance of the minute book, post-incorporation matters, corporate structure and documentation, commercial transactions and Instruments, bill of sale, and chattel mortgage.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

Students will be provided with skills that will allow them to use job search concepts and techniques to gain and sustain meaningful employment immediately after training, and in the future

Course Duration: 320 Hours

Students will participate in a supervised, full-time practical placement in the area of legal field to gain and apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout all other courses in the program.

Program Fee
Tuition Fee : $ 12,910 CAD
Books and Lab Fees : $ 2,590 CAD
Total Fees : $ 15,500 CAD
Upcoming Start Dates:
Start Date End Date
April 8, 2024 November 20, 2024
June 17, 2024 May 12, 2025
September 9, 2024 August 5, 2025