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What our Graduates say
  • Highly recommended! I personally attended this school and had a wonderful time. All of the instructors are the most dedicated, caring, and amazing teachers I have ever had. They helped me grow not only academically but also personally. They truly cared and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I appreciate how much love, compassion, and effort they have invested to each of their students to grow and shine in their own way. This is the school for you if you want to be confident and successful in turning your dreams into reality.

    Sarah Perolino Sigales Graduate 2020
  • After 5 years of registry experience, I did not know where my career was taking me. I was referred to this program by a friend, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. This program is so well-structured and planned. You will be amazed to see yourself grow every day personally and intellectually. The staff here are pleasant and they practice what they preach. They support you throughout the process and help you out when you need them. They make this program even better because it is enjoyable. The two-month practicum is the icing on the cake, they get you to put your foot in the door of one of the best organizations across Edmonton where you have the chance to explore the work culture and duties. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a great career.

    Binda Shetty Graduate 2020
  • I learned about Campbell College while I was home with my baby. I received an Administrative Professional program pamphlet; then months later, I made a call, and here I am today at the Appeals Commission for Workers’ Compensation as an Appeals Secretary.

    While at the college, I enjoyed Business English, Business Communication, and Professional Development classes.

    I find it interesting how Laurin would emphasize proofread, proofread, proofread, and now I proofread every day.

    I am in contact with clients who want their benefits, and I attend their hearings where I apply the knowledge gained from my Professional Development Workshops classes. I have noticed that relating with internal (colleagues) and external clients is much easier now because of these classes.

    Success is in you—just tap into your well of inner strength, and with the support of my Campbell College family—today, I am a happy, independent, successful professional, and mother. Campbell College changed my life!

    Femare Okoroafor Graduate September 2013
  • Two words—intense but life-changing—going back to school as an adult learner was not an easy decision. Especially for me, as a new immigrant, I had to adjust to a lot of things like the weather. The freezing cold was the most challenging hurdle for me, but I braved the cold because I wanted to further my studies and obtain a Canadian education. Campbell College gave me a chance to start fresh. I was able to meet friends who turned into family; as cliché as that sounds, but it really did feel like home. The Campbell staff is so fantastic at what they do that it inspires the students to emulate them—passionate, driven, happy, and positive. I am forever grateful to have met the wonderful people at Campbell.

    Matilda Larida Graduate 2019
  • My name is Yuliia and I graduated from Campbell College. Before I chose Campbell, I went to several colleges for interviews. What I saw there, were students working on their own. I knew, that it wasn’t for me. When I came to Campbell College, I already felt the supportive, friendly, and caring environment.

    I became more communicative, confident, and outgoing. I updated my hard and soft skills. The instructors are very supportive, helpful, and friendly. If you are thinking of where you can update your knowledge and gain new skills, go to Campbell College! It is only an 8-month program, where you will learn a lot!

    Thanks Campbell Team, for your hard work, to help me to become better!

    Yuliia Palamarchuk Graduate 2019
  • If you are reading this, then you are one step closer to your dream! I suggest that you look no further because you are already in the perfect place to have a bright future here in Canada!

    I migrated here to Edmonton in 2015 and it was really a struggle to get my foot in the door in any office work even though I had my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Philippines. I worked in retail from 2015–2018, and I realized that I needed to have a steady job and continue following my dreams. Yes, just like you, I searched from website to website of different colleges here in Edmonton until I got to the Campbell website.

    I am truly happy with my decision. Studying at Campbell is one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life. The staff is amazing, and they are the best in their field. They stand out from the rest, and the care they show their students is absolutely exceptional. The testimonials that former students have on the website are all true. Now, I am in my dream job in the government and I couldn’t be any happier. I hope you will make the same decision as I did, and the next thing you know, you will be the one making the testimonial here, too! Thank you Campbell College for changing my life!

    Bernadette Fernandez Graduate 2018
  • I am thankful that I chose to go back to school, and I chose Campbell College. I have found the most helpful instructors here. Whatever you may need, they are always there to help. The time will fly by so fast when you are at Campbell College. Not only are you being taught the technical skills needed to become an Administrative Professional, but you are also taught interpersonal skills. Thank you to the staff at Campbell College!

    Shannie Reyes Graduate 2016
  • When I started at Campbell College, I was not sure I would be able to complete the program because of my English. My first language is French, so I thought that I could not do this program because I didn’t have enough skills. After a few months of school, it was unbelievable! I built so many skills like keyboarding, English communication, professional development, computer applications and my self-esteem.

    Now, whatever the challenge is, I am able to manage and handle it properly. All my confidence grew because at Campbell College, the teachers are professional, and they love what they are doing. Can you imagine I started the program without any knowledge of computers skills, but now I am proficient with computers. The teachers took my hand at that level and helped me grow to become an effective Administrative Professional. I was so impressed. Thank you Campbell College. I will never forget what you did for me. You are an amazing team!

    Sophie Messi Graduate 2016
  • Professionals who make Professionals, it is Campbell College! You will not value the skills you get from Campbell College until you are in your placement then you will find out that you are at the top of everyone else. Campbell College gave me wisdom, knowledge, support, friends, and family.

    Racha Ziraoui Graduate 2018
  • The first time I went to apply at Campbell College was back in 2011, and ever since I don’t remember how many times I went to register with no success due to my English level until 2017-2018 class. I believe that there’s a time for everything. My experience at Campbell College during my course was remarkable in many ways. I had a great group of classmates, but more importantly the instructors. They are well qualified and dedicated, and supportive and unique in their own ways. When I went to practicum was when I realized all the indirect preparation I had received from my instructor. I was very comfortable and felt very well trained and prepared for my job. In addition I have received all I was promised, the course, books, computer skills… that was the perfect choice for me, and I knew it that’s why I kept going back there. You cannot go wrong with Campbell College. Thank you.

    Carla Andrea Graduate 2018
  • I started the Administrative Professional program after I had completed university for 22 years. I found the learning at Campbell College to be a pleasant surprise! Not only because of the intensive classes, the well designed program, the long-time partnership with the public sector, but also because of the instructors. I admire their knowledge, their kind personality, their caring for each student, and their enthusiasm for polishing students from all aspects. The college designed the courses in a rhythm that precisely coordinated with each other. Without even noticing, I found I was finished my classes, and I am on practicum now. I truly value the practicum placement, which is two months long with a caring practicum host. She is well experienced on mentoring students, I feel like she is the extension of our instructors outside of Campbell College. For individuals who are looking for advancing your Administrative professionalism; who hope to improve both your technical skills and human relationship skills, I strongly suggest Campbell College!

    Ingrid Wen Graduate 2018
  • As a new immigrant, I know that it was really hard to find a job without Canadian work experience, even though I had enough education and professional background in my home country to do the job. The practicum provides an opportunity to show your capabilities so that you may have a chance to be employed or have a good reference for your future. I am now an Executive Assistant working for the University of Alberta. Take this program, and do the BEST you can in the classroom and on your practicum place. This program will link you to a professional administrative career—it certainly did for me!

    Sylvia Yongwoo Hwang Graduate 2013
  • I was introduced to Campbell College by a City of Edmonton Employee at a job fair. I took his advice and attended a program information session , and within a few weeks, I was a Campbell College student. The best thing about Campbell College are the staff and teachers. They give 100-percent attention to all the work we do. They motivate and push us hard to reach our everyday goals, and we soon come to realise that we do have it in us to achieve success. At the end of my practicum, I was offered a position with Labour Relations at the Government of Alberta. I always remind myself to keep applying all the skills I learnt at Campbell College in my everyday life—professionally and personally. I strongly recommend Campbell College to anyone who is aspiring to become an Administrative Professional and is willing to work hard to get employed!

    Siva Siraraj Graduate 2018
  • I am so grateful and blessed to have taken the Administrative Program at Campbell College. This school was so great! All the staff and instructors are amazing, and I really gained knowledge and wisdom from this school. I developed personal and professional skills that helped me a lot on my practicum and in looking for a job in the future. It was a good opportunity for me and I have no regrets that I took this program.

    I like how they teach and trained all the students to become a better person, and to be professional in the business world of administration. The encouragement, discipline, dedication, and love they showed to every student built the self-confidence I needed to help me improve my hard and soft skills. Thank you so much Campbell College, you make a difference in every student’s life.

    Ailyn Peria Graduate 2017
  • I am very proud to say that I am a graduate of Campbell College’s Administrative Professional program—graduating group of June 2016. I learned a lot in this school to become professionally developed, gained new skills, and refreshed my previous technical skills, added a Canadian certification, and look where I landed! I was given the opportunity to do my practicum with the government; the department where I was assigned was a good fit for my educational degrees from the Philippines. The department saw my perseverance, hard work, and outmost effort to be a valuable and contributing part of the team. After practicum, the Government of Alberta gave me two months wage position to temporarily help them out. Guess what, today, August 3, I have officially been granted a permanent position. I am one of the lucky ones and this I owe to Campbell College—they cultivated me as an individual. The school taught me a lot about being a professional in this diversified country. Thank you very much for everything—life is just so awesome! To Sharon, Martine, Alice, Brenda, Laurin, Shawna, Tatyana, Elizabeth, and Kat– Cheers!

    Carmen Misal Graduate 2016
  • The first time I went to apply at Campbell College was back in 2011, and ever since I don’t remember how many times I went to register with no success due to my English level until 2017-2018 class. I believe that there’s a time for everything. My experience at Campbell College during my course was remarkable in many ways. I had a great group of classmates, but more importantly the instructors. They are well qualified and dedicated, and supportive and unique in their own ways. When I went to practicum was when I realized all the indirect preparation I had received from my instructor. I was very comfortable and felt very well trained and prepared for my job. In addition I have received all I was promised, the course, books, computer skills… that was the perfect choice for me, and I knew it that’s why I kept going back there. You cannot go wrong with Campbell College. Thank you.

    Carla Andrea Graduate 2018
  • I came to know about Campbell College at Canada Place—their Brochure caught my attention, so I inquired and enrolled in the Administrative Professional program. I was a very shy and timid person, struggled in public speaking and communication, and had low self-esteem. The Staff at Campbell College helped me realize and develop my potential! I gained not only applied knowledge which got me into my practicum, which then landed me a job in The Law Courts, but also the personal development part of the course helped me become the person I wanted to be. I still apply the Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tremendous Thursday, & Fabulous Friday–Happy Spirit. One of the clerks I work with really loves the positivity and copied my words I use to describe my days—which is very awesome. Thank you to all of the instructors and Mentors at Campbell College. Cheers and to your success!

    Jhoan Cafe Graduate 2013
  • I am thankful for all the training I have received at Campbell College, even though I already had a B Ed degree. It was Alice’s classes in professional development and filing that really helped me to grow personally and challenge myself.

    Elizabeth Saipe Graduate 2013
  • Choosing to study in Campbell College was the best way to upgrade my knowledge and skills, improve my English communication and build my network of great friendships and contacts. My improvement and progress now exceed the cost and time spent studying there.

    Irene Contreras Graduate 2018
  • I heard about Campbell College from a friend, when I was looking for a short term program to find a better job. I attended an information session and then enrolled in the program. All instructors at Campbell College are perfect and helpful, and they are professional and did their best to help me with my studies. They pointed out my errors and gave me time and instruction on how to improve myself.

    Liz Zhang Graduate June 2016
  • The time went so fast, and I am really happy that I chose to come to Campbell College. I learned many professional skills from this school—I improved using computers, communication skills, social skills, and much more. I had great teachers, and when I had some problems, they helped me by listening and gave me good advice. Now, I have graduated from Campbell College, I clearly know how to build my career in Canada and I am more confident and positive. Thanks to all of you again.

    Shirley Chen Graduate June 2016
  • When I came to Campbell College, I had no ideas about how to pursue my goal to become an office professional. Despite having spent my time graduating from university, I had no office experience, no current job, no job offers, and not much to look forward to. In other words, I felt lost, discouraged, and very nervous about my unclear future. I came across Campbell College in the newspaper, and was immediately skeptical about the statistics on the page. I wondered what made them so special, so I soon became a student with them.

    Allan Lam Graduate June 2016
  • If you want to change yourself and have a good future, you need to come to Campbell College. I am very thankful to Campbell College, I learned professional office administrative knowledge, updated my communication skills, and built a positive attitude. I had an extremely wonderful study experience at Campbell College.

    Helen Chen Graduate June 2016
  • Taking the Administrative Professional training program at Campbell College was a very good decision for me because I really needed the upgrading. I learned many different skills at Campbell College both technical and personal. After the in-class training of the program, I had my practicum at Service Alberta, Accounts Payable Department; it helped me a lot because I learned new software and I really enjoyed the professional experience with the government. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Campbell College for their encouragement, patience and support. All of them played an important role in my success.

    Aline Mukabalisa Graduate January 2016
  • My first positive impression of the college was when I visited the college’s website. Frankly, I felt comfort even then but more so when I started as a student… the director of the college is a very nice, kind person, and the teachers are highly qualified and really know their subjects. I received useful and interesting knowledge. The atmosphere in the college is creative and family-feeling. I want to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and creative approach to their work!

    Irina Limanets Graduate April 2016
  • I am really happy with what I have gained at Campbell College. I have certainly profited a lot from all of the courses. The training I had at Campbell had not only equipped me with technical skills (keyboarding, computer, office procedures, filing) but also intrapersonal skills.

    Jackie Budaz Graduate April 2016
  • I chose Campbell College to refresh my skills and gain new ones to be able to return to the office career. Being an immigrant is not easy—it is a new way of life, new customs, new culture, and new expectations. To start a career path in a new country is challenging, and it is more challenging for a mature adult than it would be for a young adult or a teenager. You have to prove that you have the skills and abilities to be recognized in a new competitive work environment. Campbell College taught me how to be more confident about my skills, believe in myself, and go for what I want. I am grateful to the dedicated staff who kept believing in me and made my dream come true. I also met new friends who I know will be my friends long after graduation. I now have skills, knowledge, techniques, beliefs, confidence, and goals to continue my new journey.

    L. K. Graduate January 2016
  • Campbell College was my first place to study in Canada, and it has been a great blessing for me that I joined their short program because I gained tons of skills. I had my Bachelor degree in Business Administration from India but I was not confident to work in the Canadian work environment. I would like to thank the staff for refreshing my skills, boosting my confidence, teaching me time-management, interpersonal and technical skills. I will never forget the instructors and supportive environment. They paid full attention to me individually, provided great feedback, and were always willing to help. I have no words to explain how cooperative they are. I really enjoyed all the program activities including fundraising, attending class meetings, personality dimension class, filing practice, interview practice, etc. I am glad to say that it was a great advantage for me taking this program as I now have a lot of opportunities to work. I am so proud to be Campbell College student, and I thank them for helping me to get my dream job.

    Rajpreet Sivia Graduate January 2016
  • My life changed when my friend told me about Campbell College. She had heard about it from a former graduate who told her all about their great reputation. I applied for and soon joined the college.For the short period it took to complete my program, I practised teamwork and learned to plan events, and my confidence and self-esteem has grown. With the training I got from Campbell College I know that I will land a good job. I thank all the staff and instructors for the encouragement and support given to me during my studies.

    Pauline Omenyo Graduate January 2016
  • Time moves so fast, and I can’t believe that I have already finished my Administrative Professional Program at Campbell College. The program is very genuine and unique, and as a student, the journey was exciting and it totally helped me reach my goals and improve my life.

    Elsa Guiang Graduate January 2016
  • I am so pleased and appreciate that I was one of Campbell College’s students. The program changed me from being a self-doubting and negative person to a confident and positive person. I learned many things including computer skills, office procedures, communication skills, social skills, and so on. Every employee at Campbell College is very nice, and they all have very sweet and beautiful smiles. I love everyone at Campbell College and their smiles, and they are definitely professional in their field. Our instructors made us feel at home and that we were part of the family. They teach how to thrive in the administrative field not only from textbooks, but from lots of experience. Thanks a million, Campbell College. I am proud that I graduated from the Administrative Professional Diploma Program.

    Liangli (Jessie) Peng Graduate January 2016
  • I came to Canada filled with hope to start anew. Months before my arrival, I researched what I needed to know to make my transition in Canada smooth and enjoyable. On my second day in Canada, I was researching job postings and ads in the newspapers and found one advertisement that would one day change my life. It was an ad from Campbell College inviting students to an information session for the Administrative Professional Diploma Program. I took note of the contact details, and even back then, I had a feeling of excitement to connect.

    Lucille Autentico Graduate October 2014
  • While I was proud of working in the sales industry for 15 years, and enjoyed serving different kind of people, I decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming an office worker. I had to become a student again after so many years, and I kept looking for a school that could help me develop not only my technical knowledge but also my interpersonal skills. I am one of the lucky people who found and enrolled in the Administrative Professional program at Campbell College. The staff and instructors always had an open hand to help, and the program gave me the professional skills I needed. I highly recommended the school and program for people who want to be a better person, not only for their career, but also in their personal life too. Being here in a very beautiful country, and going through the exciting experience at Campbell College are both the greatest achievements I have had.

    Liezl Geron Graduate January 2016
  • I would like to share some beautiful things that happened to me because I am a Campbell College graduate. One week after I graduated from the Administrative Professional program on October 2014, I was offered an administrative job with the government. It was because of my practicum at the Government of Alberta, and my co-workers (HR Consultants) who helped me get this job. I know I proved how well trained I was during the practicum, and in fact, my supervisor told me to give her name as reference.

    Maria Alejo, Proud Government Worker Graduate October 2014
  • I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I took care of my children and didn’t have a lot of experience in any job field. I looked into a few schools to attend but when I came across Campbell College I just knew this was the right choice for me. The process that I went through was not at all difficult especially with all the Instructors and Directors assistance. Within a few weeks I was ready to go and started my first class.

    Lisa Cardinal Graduate June 2015
  • I recently moved to Edmonton and needed a career change. I was a new mother and had been home for the past two years. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time and needed to go to work. I needed a program that was quick and that would also provide me with all the right qualifications I needed to get a well-paying career.

    Kaylee Collins Graduate June 2015
  • True to its mission, Campbell College caters not only an opportunity for career development, but an opportunity for personal growth as well. It is a complete package. Through its holistic approach, your technological, interpersonal, and emotional skills are developed. Such that, when you graduate, you can proudly claim to yourself that you are an Administrative Professional in the truest sense.

    Mike Rodriguez Graduate June 2015
  • I am a graduate of Administrative Professional Diploma program at Campbell College, and I want to tell you how much Campbell College has influenced my career. I completed the program in April 2011 and was immediately hired in the Government of Alberta even before the 2-month practicum ended. Campbell College enhanced my skills, helped me develop good work ethics, and led me on a path in which I upgraded my attitudes and outlook in life. All of this helped me transfer to various offices within the Government of Alberta, namely Deputy Minister’s Office, Assistant Deputy Minister’s Office, and now I am in the Premier’s Office. I still remember clearly how I was trained at Campbell and I could not have got here if not for them. I can honestly say that those months of training in Campbell was like planting a seed in me. And now, I am reaping what was sowed, bearing the fruits, and using the benefits to further advance my career. Thank you Campbell College! You go deep into your student’s heart and lead them on the right path!

    John David Ferrera Graduate April 2011
  • I was unsure of whether to go back to school because of my full-time job. I was very eager to learn new technical skills and find a new career. I did not have confidence and was always doubting myself.

    After my school and practicum at City of Edmonton, Drainage Design and Construction, I can now say that I am ready to face whatever challenges come my way. I am more confident, so I know I can do the job. Thank you CAMPBELL COLLEGE for bringing out the best in me. If not for Campbell College, I do not think that I would be as confident as I am today.

    Rhodely Tercenio Graduate April 2015
  • I like the fact that the classes are small and that the instructors are friendly. They are always willing to help, and are flexible in meeting to help students. Campbell College offers students a wide choice of social activities. The environment here is sociable and many of my classmates became friends.Campbell College helped me grow professionally and personally. The Administrative Professional program gave me all the skills and tools needed to be successful in my career. After my practicum, my manager hired me, and now I’m presently working with a wonderful team at the Government of Alberta, Human Services. Thank you Campbell College for making my dreams all come true.

    Marie Rubiano Graduate November 2013
  • I am so glad that I made the right decision choosing Campbell College three months after I arrived in Canada. Eight months later, I got my first full-time administrative job and pursued my professional administrative career. And one year after I arrived in Canada, I got a permanent job with a good salary.

    Jenny Su Graduate January 2013
  • When I came to Canada, I had a dream of working in an office. Everything changed when all the companies I applied to did not recognize my work experience outside of Canada. It left me with no choice but to do odd jobs for survival. I almost gave up and I had decided to go back to my country of origin. However, I realized that if I gave up I would deny my children a good life and a good education. So I just held on to my faith and wished that good things would come my way. Then I met one of the Campbell College’s students who suggested that I take the Administrative Professional Program. I researched the school, and after that I called Campbell College, and the rest is history.Taking the Administrative Professional Program at Campbell College has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. It changed my outlook of life. Now, the doors of opportunity opened up for me and I see a much better and brighter future. I am forever grateful to all the wonderful and amazing directors, instructors and staff of this school. Without your help and guidance, I would not be where I am now today. The school brought out the best in me. Thank you so much.

    Roni Gonzales Graduate October 2013
  • A GREAT GIFT FROM CAMPBELL COLLEGE I came to Canada in 2007. After a big battle, I got my permanent resident status in 2012. I started to work at a fast food store as a store manager, standing all day from 9-5, only with a lunch break. So I told myself, I would like to work in the office. After the research, I took a career assessment workshop to find out what I could do for work at Service Canada. Through the counsellor at ASSIST, I decided to take Administrative Professional program at Campbell College to start my new career in Edmonton.

    Candace Wang Graduate September 2013
  • I started working at a large management company after graduation, and my three month probation period is over. They confirmed with me today that I have a permanent full time position as a Documents Administrator. I am so proud of my school Campbell College and the instructors because, even with the language barrier I thought I had, I have been able to show my strengths by using what I have learned in your school. Thank you for the efforts you have made to create this success in my life. I will recommend Campbell College to anyone who is looking for success.

    Celine Bangoura Graduate December 2014
  • I am very proud to be a Campbell graduate. Currently, I am a City of Edmonton employee. I work at the Edmonton Public Library and love very much what I am doing. I came to Canada from Ukraine more than 4 years ago. There I completed 5 years study at University and worked as a journalist at the local newspaper for seven years. In Ukraine, I did not study English at all.

    Nataliya Vanovska Graduate June 2013
  • My training at Campbell College had been the best. In a 8-month period, it prepared me to become an effective Administrative Professional, gave me the skills necessary for the job, helped me develop a positive attitude, and provided me a great career. This I owe to Campbell College’s quality training, wonderful staff, and competent instructors who are passionate in what they do and who helped and encouraged me market myself. I graduated last April 2013, and I was already offered a job before I even graduated. Now, I am happily working with the City of Edmonton. Also, Campbell College is a great avenue to develop a strong network.

    Christine Tan Graduate April 2013 Administrative Clerk
  • Thank you to all the staff of Campbell College! No words can express my appreciation to you. Before I took the Administrative Professional Diploma Program, my life went down to the lowest point. It was YOU who helped me to rebuild my confidence and helped me to find my current great job with the Government of Alberta as a permanent employee. Thank you so much!

    Anna Li Graduate November 2013
  • The Administrative Professional program has been a great blessing to me. The modules are well thought out, and are very applicable. The Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) has enhanced my knowledge in computer applications. The modules on Office Procedures, Professional Development, Business English, and Math are of equal importance, and have provided greater knowledge and exposure for me on the Canadian way, as compared to the American way that I am more familiar with.

    Mercy Gutierrez Graduate November 2010 Human Resources Technician The City of Edmonton
  • Being a new Immigrant in Canada was a great challenge for me and my family. Five months after arrival and through our settlement advisers and friends, I was fortunate that I was told about the Administrative Professional Diploma Program at Campbell College since my working experience and certifications were not recognized when looking for work. The wonderful training at Campbell College, such as technical and communication skills, office procedures, my two months practicum, and professional development gave me confidence to go to work and contribute positively to the community. I recently landed employment at Edmonton Public Schools, and I am very happy and proud of this, with the help and guidance of Campbell College, I am able to pursue my dream of working in a school and to have a brighter future for me and my family. Campbell College, thank you very much for the support, and I hope that other individuals taking this program can also contribute positively to the growth of our community.

    Leilani B. Divinagracia Graduate June 2013
  • Campbell College prepared me for the biggest challenge of my life: Career change! The staff and instructors were like friends, and I will never forget them as they enlighten my future professional life, guided me throughout the program to achieve my goals, and taught me the skills I needed to be an administrative professional. The program was practical and all the textbooks and activities were focused on bringing the best in us and improving our knowledge of ourselves and the technical aspects and art of being a successful administrative assistant.

    Soraya Graduate November 2009 – Administrative Assistant The City of Edmonton
  • I came to Canada with two Bachelor degrees tucked under my arms, several years of work experience, and a determined spirit to be successful in this country I now call home. I thought these qualifications would be enough, but I realized how inadequate they were after six months when I could not get a job related to my education and work experience. Fortunately, someone referred me to Campbell College and its Professional Administrative Diploma–an eight-month program that truly changed my life.

    Mary Ann N Haylalapit Graduate November 2013
  • Congratulations to Campbell College’s staff. Look at where I am now!!!!!! I have moved from the position of Resource Room Facilitator, to take the position of Career Practitioner (CESI program) at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. It is because of your hard work. Thank you for everything you did for me. Did you build my confidence? Yes, I think you have something at Campbell College that is capable of moving a thousand mountains.

    Adelaide Bekono Graduate September 2011
  • On my first day of class I was happy for taking this step, I was however, anxious as I had to quit a job to be in class. Even with such mixed feelings, I knew that enrolling in the Administrative Professional Diploma Program at Campbell College was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I knew that because I wanted a career rather than a job, I knew that in order to make this dream a reality I needed to be at Campbell College.

    Qadra Abukar Graduate September 2013
  • If I hadn’t completed the program at Campbell College, I wouldn’t have found a job. Although, I have many years of experience as administrative assistant in Japan, I had no work experience in Canada. Through the diploma program I gained not only valuable technical skills, but also interpersonal skills and confidence.

    Naomi Kinoshita Graduate September 2012
  • As a new immigrant to Canada, I found that it would be a challenge competing for professional jobs because I did not have Canadian certification, work experience or work references. I decided to invest in Campbell College’s Administrative Professional program because I met a successful student of the program in church, and she encouraged me to take the program as well. I had doubts at first, but she told me what the program’s focus was and how the staff does their best to train their students. The greatest part of her story was that Campbell College prepared her get a job with the City of Edmonton where she had her practicum. I wanted the same training, too. I said to myself that I will not settle for a survival job in Canada for the rest of my life, so I resigned from my new job and had the courage to apply to take the program.

    Ronald Marinas Graduate June 2012
  • I really liked the Campbell College environment because they looked at the students as individuals and the quality was unquestionable. The instructors were well qualified, kind, supportive, friendly, and approachable. I gained knowledge in preparation for my dream job, I made lots of friends from different cultures and all the happy memories that I will treasure forever. I am happy to have been a part of Campbell College. All my expectations were exceeded.

    Connie Piosca Graduate January 2012
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