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What our Graduates say
  • Being a new immigrant, it was difficult for me to find a stable job with the prior experience I had. I needed an opportunity that can help me achieve my goal in becoming a registered nurse here in Canada. Luckily, a friend recommended that I take up the Administrative Professional Course at Campbell College in order to gain the necessary skills to land a more financially secure job. I was interested with the program which includes a comprehensive 6-month course which is held in-class and a 2-month internship where you can gain real-life experience in being an admin support to an actual office environment. I am happy to say that in less than a month after completing the program, I am now working as an Administrative Support IV at Alberta Health under the Continuing Care Branch. Thank you so much Campbell College. With your help, I am one step closer in becoming a successful professional

    Jose Domingo Lopez. Graduate 2023
  • This school has raised the bar in nurturing and producing quality administrative professionals. Despite the current challenges, they are powering through to continuously spread and teach those who are willing to chase their dream and make it happen in reality.

    I am very thankful that I chose this school, like I told my teachers here, that this was my redemption to my younger self and this also served as my stepping stone in making my career path better. In addition to that, there are subjects that will really help the person to get to more about themselves and how to improve themselves not just personally but also in a manner that a person can achieve results in terms of having a job.

    Eunice Padua Graduate 2022
  • After 5 years of registry experience, I did not know where my career was taking me. I was referred to this program by a friend, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. This program is so well-structured and planned. You will be amazed to see yourself grow every day personally and intellectually. The staff here are pleasant and they practice what they preach. They support you throughout the process and help you out when you need them. They make this program even better because it is enjoyable. The two-month practicum is the icing on the cake, they get you to put your foot in the door of one of the best organizations across Edmonton where you have the chance to explore the work culture and duties. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a great career.

    Binda Shetty Graduate 2020
  • Highly recommended! I personally attended this school and had a wonderful time. All of the instructors are the most dedicated, caring, and amazing teachers I have ever had. They helped me grow not only academically but also personally. They truly cared and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I appreciate how much love, compassion, and effort they have invested to each of their students to grow and shine in their own way. This is the school for you if you want to be confident and successful in turning your dreams into reality.

    Sarah Perolino Sigales Graduate 2020
  • My name is Yuliia and I graduated from Campbell College. Before I chose Campbell, I went to several colleges for interviews. What I saw there, were students working on their own. I knew, that it wasn’t for me. When I came to Campbell College, I already felt the supportive, friendly, and caring environment.

    I became more communicative, confident, and outgoing. I updated my hard and soft skills. The instructors are very supportive, helpful, and friendly. If you are thinking of where you can update your knowledge and gain new skills, go to Campbell College! It is only an 8-month program, where you will learn a lot!

    Thanks Campbell Team, for your hard work, to help me to become better!

    Yuliia Palamarchuk Graduate 2019
  • Two words—intense but life-changing—going back to school as an adult learner was not an easy decision. Especially for me, as a new immigrant, I had to adjust to a lot of things like the weather. The freezing cold was the most challenging hurdle for me, but I braved the cold because I wanted to further my studies and obtain a Canadian education. Campbell College gave me a chance to start fresh. I was able to meet friends who turned into family; as cliché as that sounds, but it really did feel like home. The Campbell staff is so fantastic at what they do that it inspires the students to emulate them—passionate, driven, happy, and positive. I am forever grateful to have met the wonderful people at Campbell.

    Matilda Larida Graduate 2019
  • If you are reading this, then you are one step closer to your dream! I suggest that you look no further because you are already in the perfect place to have a bright future here in Canada!

    I migrated here to Edmonton in 2015 and it was really a struggle to get my foot in the door in any office work even though I had my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Philippines. I worked in retail from 2015–2018, and I realized that I needed to have a steady job and continue following my dreams. Yes, just like you, I searched from website to website of different colleges here in Edmonton until I got to the Campbell website.

    I am truly happy with my decision. Studying at Campbell is one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life. The staff is amazing, and they are the best in their field. They stand out from the rest, and the care they show their students is absolutely exceptional. The testimonials that former students have on the website are all true. Now, I am in my dream job in the government and I couldn’t be any happier. I hope you will make the same decision as I did, and the next thing you know, you will be the one making the testimonial here, too! Thank you Campbell College for changing my life!

    Bernadette Fernandez Graduate 2018
  • Professionals who make Professionals, it is Campbell College! You will not value the skills you get from Campbell College until you are in your placement then you will find out that you are at the top of everyone else. Campbell College gave me wisdom, knowledge, support, friends, and family.

    Racha Ziraoui Graduate 2018
  • The first time I went to apply at Campbell College was back in 2011, and ever since I don’t remember how many times I went to register with no success due to my English level until 2017-2018 class. I believe that there’s a time for everything. My experience at Campbell College during my course was remarkable in many ways. I had a great group of classmates, but more importantly the instructors. They are well qualified and dedicated, and supportive and unique in their own ways. When I went to practicum was when I realized all the indirect preparation I had received from my instructor. I was very comfortable and felt very well trained and prepared for my job. In addition I have received all I was promised, the course, books, computer skills… that was the perfect choice for me, and I knew it that’s why I kept going back there. You cannot go wrong with Campbell College. Thank you.

    Carla Andrea Graduate 2018
  • I am thankful that I chose to go back to school, and I chose Campbell College. I have found the most helpful instructors here. Whatever you may need, they are always there to help. The time will fly by so fast when you are at Campbell College. Not only are you being taught the technical skills needed to become an Administrative Professional, but you are also taught interpersonal skills. Thank you to the staff at Campbell College!

    Shannie Reyes Graduate 2016
  • I learned about Campbell College while I was home with my baby. I received an Administrative Professional program pamphlet; then months later, I made a call, and here I am today at the Appeals Commission for Workers’ Compensation as an Appeals Secretary.

    While at the college, I enjoyed Business English, Business Communication, and Professional Development classes.

    I find it interesting how Laurin would emphasize proofread, proofread, proofread, and now I proofread every day.

    I am in contact with clients who want their benefits, and I attend their hearings where I apply the knowledge gained from my Professional Development Workshops classes. I have noticed that relating with internal (colleagues) and external clients is much easier now because of these classes.

    Success is in you—just tap into your well of inner strength, and with the support of my Campbell College family—today, I am a happy, independent, successful professional, and mother. Campbell College changed my life!

    Femare Okoroafor Graduate September 2013
  • When I started at Campbell College, I was not sure I would be able to complete the program because of my English. My first language is French, so I thought that I could not do this program because I didn’t have enough skills. After a few months of school, it was unbelievable! I built so many skills like keyboarding, English communication, professional development, computer applications and my self-esteem.

    Now, whatever the challenge is, I am able to manage and handle it properly. All my confidence grew because at Campbell College, the teachers are professional, and they love what they are doing. Can you imagine I started the program without any knowledge of computers skills, but now I am proficient with computers. The teachers took my hand at that level and helped me grow to become an effective Administrative Professional. I was so impressed. Thank you Campbell College. I will never forget what you did for me. You are an amazing team!

    Sophie Messi Graduate 2016