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What our Graduates say
  • I am so pleased and appreciate that I was one of Campbell College’s students. The program changed me from being a self-doubting and negative person to a confident and positive person. I learned many things including computer skills, office procedures, communication skills, social skills, and so on. Every employee at Campbell College is very nice, and they all have very sweet and beautiful smiles. I love everyone at Campbell College and their smiles, and they are definitely professional in their field. Our instructors made us feel at home and that we were part of the family. They teach how to thrive in the administrative field not only from textbooks, but from lots of experience. Thanks a million, Campbell College. I am proud that I graduated from the Administrative Professional Diploma Program.

    Liangli (Jessie) Peng Graduate January 2016
  • I came to Canada filled with hope to start anew. Months before my arrival, I researched what I needed to know to make my transition in Canada smooth and enjoyable. On my second day in Canada, I was researching job postings and ads in the newspapers and found one advertisement that would one day change my life. It was an ad from Campbell College inviting students to an information session for the Administrative Professional Diploma Program. I took note of the contact details, and even back then, I had a feeling of excitement to connect.

    Lucille Autentico Graduate October 2014
  • While I was proud of working in the sales industry for 15 years, and enjoyed serving different kind of people, I decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming an office worker. I had to become a student again after so many years, and I kept looking for a school that could help me develop not only my technical knowledge but also my interpersonal skills. I am one of the lucky people who found and enrolled in the Administrative Professional program at Campbell College. The staff and instructors always had an open hand to help, and the program gave me the professional skills I needed. I highly recommended the school and program for people who want to be a better person, not only for their career, but also in their personal life too. Being here in a very beautiful country, and going through the exciting experience at Campbell College are both the greatest achievements I have had.

    Liezl Geron Graduate January 2016
  • I would like to share some beautiful things that happened to me because I am a Campbell College graduate. One week after I graduated from the Administrative Professional program on October 2014, I was offered an administrative job with the government. It was because of my practicum at the Government of Alberta, and my co-workers (HR Consultants) who helped me get this job. I know I proved how well trained I was during the practicum, and in fact, my supervisor told me to give her name as reference.

    Maria Alejo, Proud Government Worker Graduate October 2014
  • I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I took care of my children and didn’t have a lot of experience in any job field. I looked into a few schools to attend but when I came across Campbell College I just knew this was the right choice for me. The process that I went through was not at all difficult especially with all the Instructors and Directors assistance. Within a few weeks I was ready to go and started my first class.

    Lisa Cardinal Graduate June 2015
  • I recently moved to Edmonton and needed a career change. I was a new mother and had been home for the past two years. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time and needed to go to work. I needed a program that was quick and that would also provide me with all the right qualifications I needed to get a well-paying career.

    Kaylee Collins Graduate June 2015
  • True to its mission, Campbell College caters not only an opportunity for career development, but an opportunity for personal growth as well. It is a complete package. Through its holistic approach, your technological, interpersonal, and emotional skills are developed. Such that, when you graduate, you can proudly claim to yourself that you are an Administrative Professional in the truest sense.

    Mike Rodriguez Graduate June 2015
  • I am a graduate of Administrative Professional Diploma program at Campbell College, and I want to tell you how much Campbell College has influenced my career. I completed the program in April 2011 and was immediately hired in the Government of Alberta even before the 2-month practicum ended. Campbell College enhanced my skills, helped me develop good work ethics, and led me on a path in which I upgraded my attitudes and outlook in life. All of this helped me transfer to various offices within the Government of Alberta, namely Deputy Minister’s Office, Assistant Deputy Minister’s Office, and now I am in the Premier’s Office. I still remember clearly how I was trained at Campbell and I could not have got here if not for them. I can honestly say that those months of training in Campbell was like planting a seed in me. And now, I am reaping what was sowed, bearing the fruits, and using the benefits to further advance my career. Thank you Campbell College! You go deep into your student’s heart and lead them on the right path!

    John David Ferrera Graduate April 2011
  • I was unsure of whether to go back to school because of my full-time job. I was very eager to learn new technical skills and find a new career. I did not have confidence and was always doubting myself.

    After my school and practicum at City of Edmonton, Drainage Design and Construction, I can now say that I am ready to face whatever challenges come my way. I am more confident, so I know I can do the job. Thank you CAMPBELL COLLEGE for bringing out the best in me. If not for Campbell College, I do not think that I would be as confident as I am today.

    Rhodely Tercenio Graduate April 2015
  • I like the fact that the classes are small and that the instructors are friendly. They are always willing to help, and are flexible in meeting to help students. Campbell College offers students a wide choice of social activities. The environment here is sociable and many of my classmates became friends.Campbell College helped me grow professionally and personally. The Administrative Professional program gave me all the skills and tools needed to be successful in my career. After my practicum, my manager hired me, and now I’m presently working with a wonderful team at the Government of Alberta, Human Services. Thank you Campbell College for making my dreams all come true.

    Marie Rubiano Graduate November 2013