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What our Graduates say
  • The time went so fast, and I am really happy that I chose to come to Campbell College. I learned many professional skills from this school—I improved using computers, communication skills, social skills, and much more. I had great teachers, and when I had some problems, they helped me by listening and gave me good advice. Now, I have graduated from Campbell College, I clearly know how to build my career in Canada and I am more confident and positive. Thanks to all of you again.

    Shirley Chen Graduate June 2016
  • When I came to Campbell College, I had no ideas about how to pursue my goal to become an office professional. Despite having spent my time graduating from university, I had no office experience, no current job, no job offers, and not much to look forward to. In other words, I felt lost, discouraged, and very nervous about my unclear future. I came across Campbell College in the newspaper, and was immediately skeptical about the statistics on the page. I wondered what made them so special, so I soon became a student with them.

    Allan Lam Graduate June 2016
  • If you want to change yourself and have a good future, you need to come to Campbell College. I am very thankful to Campbell College, I learned professional office administrative knowledge, updated my communication skills, and built a positive attitude. I had an extremely wonderful study experience at Campbell College.

    Helen Chen Graduate June 2016
  • Taking the Administrative Professional training program at Campbell College was a very good decision for me because I really needed the upgrading. I learned many different skills at Campbell College both technical and personal. After the in-class training of the program, I had my practicum at Service Alberta, Accounts Payable Department; it helped me a lot because I learned new software and I really enjoyed the professional experience with the government. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Campbell College for their encouragement, patience and support. All of them played an important role in my success.

    Aline Mukabalisa Graduate January 2016
  • My first positive impression of the college was when I visited the college’s website. Frankly, I felt comfort even then but more so when I started as a student… the director of the college is a very nice, kind person, and the teachers are highly qualified and really know their subjects. I received useful and interesting knowledge. The atmosphere in the college is creative and family-feeling. I want to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and creative approach to their work!

    Irina Limanets Graduate April 2016
  • I am really happy with what I have gained at Campbell College. I have certainly profited a lot from all of the courses. The training I had at Campbell had not only equipped me with technical skills (keyboarding, computer, office procedures, filing) but also intrapersonal skills.

    Jackie Budaz Graduate April 2016
  • I chose Campbell College to refresh my skills and gain new ones to be able to return to the office career. Being an immigrant is not easy—it is a new way of life, new customs, new culture, and new expectations. To start a career path in a new country is challenging, and it is more challenging for a mature adult than it would be for a young adult or a teenager. You have to prove that you have the skills and abilities to be recognized in a new competitive work environment. Campbell College taught me how to be more confident about my skills, believe in myself, and go for what I want. I am grateful to the dedicated staff who kept believing in me and made my dream come true. I also met new friends who I know will be my friends long after graduation. I now have skills, knowledge, techniques, beliefs, confidence, and goals to continue my new journey.

    L. K. Graduate January 2016
  • Campbell College was my first place to study in Canada, and it has been a great blessing for me that I joined their short program because I gained tons of skills. I had my Bachelor degree in Business Administration from India but I was not confident to work in the Canadian work environment. I would like to thank the staff for refreshing my skills, boosting my confidence, teaching me time-management, interpersonal and technical skills. I will never forget the instructors and supportive environment. They paid full attention to me individually, provided great feedback, and were always willing to help. I have no words to explain how cooperative they are. I really enjoyed all the program activities including fundraising, attending class meetings, personality dimension class, filing practice, interview practice, etc. I am glad to say that it was a great advantage for me taking this program as I now have a lot of opportunities to work. I am so proud to be Campbell College student, and I thank them for helping me to get my dream job.

    Rajpreet Sivia Graduate January 2016
  • My life changed when my friend told me about Campbell College. She had heard about it from a former graduate who told her all about their great reputation. I applied for and soon joined the college.For the short period it took to complete my program, I practised teamwork and learned to plan events, and my confidence and self-esteem has grown. With the training I got from Campbell College I know that I will land a good job. I thank all the staff and instructors for the encouragement and support given to me during my studies.

    Pauline Omenyo Graduate January 2016
  • Time moves so fast, and I can’t believe that I have already finished my Administrative Professional Program at Campbell College. The program is very genuine and unique, and as a student, the journey was exciting and it totally helped me reach my goals and improve my life.

    Elsa Guiang Graduate January 2016