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What our Graduates say
  • I started the Administrative Professional program after I had completed university for 22 years. I found the learning at Campbell College to be a pleasant surprise! Not only because of the intensive classes, the well designed program, the long-time partnership with the public sector, but also because of the instructors. I admire their knowledge, their kind personality, their caring for each student, and their enthusiasm for polishing students from all aspects. The college designed the courses in a rhythm that precisely coordinated with each other. Without even noticing, I found I was finished my classes, and I am on practicum now. I truly value the practicum placement, which is two months long with a caring practicum host. She is well experienced on mentoring students, I feel like she is the extension of our instructors outside of Campbell College. For individuals who are looking for advancing your Administrative professionalism; who hope to improve both your technical skills and human relationship skills, I strongly suggest Campbell College!

    Ingrid Wen Graduate 2018
  • I was introduced to Campbell College by a City of Edmonton Employee at a job fair. I took his advice and attended a program information session , and within a few weeks, I was a Campbell College student. The best thing about Campbell College are the staff and teachers. They give 100-percent attention to all the work we do. They motivate and push us hard to reach our everyday goals, and we soon come to realise that we do have it in us to achieve success. At the end of my practicum, I was offered a position with Labour Relations at the Government of Alberta. I always remind myself to keep applying all the skills I learnt at Campbell College in my everyday life—professionally and personally. I strongly recommend Campbell College to anyone who is aspiring to become an Administrative Professional and is willing to work hard to get employed!

    Siva Siraraj Graduate 2018
  • Choosing to study in Campbell College was the best way to upgrade my knowledge and skills, improve my English communication and build my network of great friendships and contacts. My improvement and progress now exceed the cost and time spent studying there.

    During my first visit to attend the information session, I realized Campbell College was different. The session was well-organized, informative, and productive. Our time was valued and respected. All the information and resources to check were available in the info sheets given to us and explained well by the college director. Truth is, they had me at hello and welcome. I just had to discuss the details with my husband.

    The Campbell College teachers and staff are all professionals with true hearts and keen minds. They practice what they teach and believe in. They are the models of good organization, time management, teamwork, agility, flexibility, creativity, transparency, and sincere respect for diversity and inclusion. All the competencies you would need in the workplace and what an employer would expect from an administrative professional. I saw these reflected in the way our subjects and activities were planned and executed, how each batch of students were welcomed, engaged, and taught, and the discipline the teachers set to sharpen our skills. They are equally generous with their time, knowledge, patience, and understanding.

    I was inspired and hopeful on the first day of classes continuing through our graduation and until was inspired, hopeful, energized, and well-equipped to brave the recruiters and employers out there. Upon completion of my practicum, I was hired by the City of Edmonton as a temporary employee in staff support. I spent five (5) interesting months in three (3) different branches in the organization. I am, currently, a full-time and permanent employee for the Edmonton Police Service, working as a Trial Coordinator at the Edmonton Law Courts. I know I made the right and best decision with Campbell College.

    Irene Contreras Graduate 2018
  • The first time I went to apply at Campbell College was back in 2011, and ever since I don’t remember how many times I went to register with no success due to my English level until 2017-2018 class. I believe that there’s a time for everything. My experience at Campbell College during my course was remarkable in many ways. I had a great group of classmates, but more importantly the instructors. They are well qualified and dedicated, and supportive and unique in their own ways. When I went to practicum was when I realized all the indirect preparation I had received from my instructor. I was very comfortable and felt very well trained and prepared for my job. In addition I have received all I was promised, the course, books, computer skills… that was the perfect choice for me, and I knew it that’s why I kept going back there. You cannot go wrong with Campbell College. Thank you.

    Carla Andrea Graduate 2018
  • I am so grateful and blessed to have taken the Administrative Program at Campbell College. This school was so great! All the staff and instructors are amazing, and I really gained knowledge and wisdom from this school. I developed personal and professional skills that helped me a lot on my practicum and in looking for a job in the future. It was a good opportunity for me and I have no regrets that I took this program.

    I like how they teach and trained all the students to become a better person, and to be professional in the business world of administration. The encouragement, discipline, dedication, and love they showed to every student built the self-confidence I needed to help me improve my hard and soft skills. Thank you so much Campbell College, you make a difference in every student’s life.

    Ailyn Peria Graduate 2017
  • I am very proud to say that I am a graduate of Campbell College’s Administrative Professional program—graduating group of June 2016. I learned a lot in this school to become professionally developed, gained new skills, and refreshed my previous technical skills, added a Canadian certification, and look where I landed! I was given the opportunity to do my practicum with the government; the department where I was assigned was a good fit for my educational degrees from the Philippines. The department saw my perseverance, hard work, and outmost effort to be a valuable and contributing part of the team. After practicum, the Government of Alberta gave me two months wage position to temporarily help them out. Guess what, today, August 3, I have officially been granted a permanent position. I am one of the lucky ones and this I owe to Campbell College—they cultivated me as an individual. The school taught me a lot about being a professional in this diversified country. Thank you very much for everything—life is just so awesome! To Sharon, Martine, Alice, Brenda, Laurin, Shawna, Tatyana, Elizabeth, and Kat– Cheers!

    Carmen Misal Graduate 2016
  • I heard about Campbell College from a friend, when I was looking for a short term program to find a better job. I attended an information session and then enrolled in the program. All instructors at Campbell College are perfect and helpful, and they are professional and did their best to help me with my studies. They pointed out my errors and gave me time and instruction on how to improve myself.

    I never thought I was too hard on myself, until one of the best instructor told me. It made me really think and I realized that it was true. Good part is after that, I started to try to face my mistakes in a relaxed way, and focus on finding and fixing the mistakes, instead of being afraid of them.

    My instructors said “follow the instructions, pay attention to details”, which I never really thought about deep in my heart until I went to practicum. This was the time not to make too many mistakes, and I wanted to do a great job. When they say “ask questions when you are not sure”, it’s also a key in work and life, because some mistakes we can fix, but some we cannot fix, and often have to pay a hard price for it. Being a positive person is also a big piece l learned from Campbell College—no matter what happens, smile! Every day is a new fresh start, and we can choose to smile and learn, and grow, to be a happy person. Life is too short to be upset and too hard on yourself.

    Liz Zhang Graduate 2016
  • I came to know about Campbell College at Canada Place—their Brochure caught my attention, so I inquired and enrolled in the Administrative Professional program. I was a very shy and timid person, struggled in public speaking and communication, and had low self-esteem. The Staff at Campbell College helped me realize and develop my potential! I gained not only applied knowledge which got me into my practicum, which then landed me a job in The Law Courts, but also the personal development part of the course helped me become the person I wanted to be. I still apply the Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tremendous Thursday, & Fabulous Friday–Happy Spirit. One of the clerks I work with really loves the positivity and copied my words I use to describe my days—which is very awesome. Thank you to all of the instructors and Mentors at Campbell College. Cheers and to your success!

    Jhoan Cafe Graduate 2013
  • As a new immigrant, I know that it was really hard to find a job without Canadian work experience, even though I had enough education and professional background in my home country to do the job. The practicum provides an opportunity to show your capabilities so that you may have a chance to be employed or have a good reference for your future. I am now an Executive Assistant working for the University of Alberta. Take this program, and do the BEST you can in the classroom and on your practicum place. This program will link you to a professional administrative career—it certainly did for me!

    Sylvia Yongwoo Hwang Graduate 2013