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Administrative Professional

Administrative Professional Diploma Program in Edmonton, Alberta

Give yourself an advantage over your competition by enrolling in Campbell College’s Administrative Professional Diploma Program in Edmonton, Alberta. For over 30 years, Campbell College, Edmonton has been in the forefront of making students job-ready through this program. A diploma in Administrative Professional from us will enhance your resume and make you more employable. Demonstrate your potential to employers and show that you can provide administrative support to the highest standard.

Administrative Professional Diploma Program Overview

A successful Administrative Professional provides a vital support function in any busy office. We will enable you to use your initiative and work to tight deadlines, as well as responding to the demanding needs of more senior colleagues. With our Administrative Professional Diploma, you will receive high quality office based training which not only gives you great IT skills but will also teach you how to speak the language of business. In fact, upon successful completion of this course, you will have an excellent foundation to get a job as a trusted Administrative Professional in any office!

The Administrative Professional Diploma Program has been designed for students to learn, practice and master:

  • Business Writing and Communication Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office Procedures
  • Professional Development through workshops
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Program Details


Format 35 hours per week
In class and Study Breaks 25 weeks
Practicum 8 weeks
Total 33 weeks


Canadian high school graduation or equivalent, or mature student status plus successful completion of entrance assessment and admissions interview.

Admissions Requirements

Speak to Admissions at 780.448.1850 for all upcoming start dates or write to us at

Career Opportunities

Embarking on a career in the Administrative Professional field opens doors to dynamic roles in various industries. As the backbone of organizational efficiency, you’ll find diverse opportunities, from executive assistants managing high-level operations to event coordinators orchestrating seamless gatherings. Whether navigating human resources, supporting marketing efforts, or delving into legal responsibilities, your attention to detail and organizational finesse become invaluable assets. In this field, you’re not just finding a job; you’re shaping a fulfilling career where your contributions make a lasting impact.

The array of job titles in the Administrative Professional sector exemplifies the diversity inherent in this career path. Our training program is designed to mirror this versatility, ensuring that our graduates are not confined to a singular specialty. Our objective is to equip them with comprehensive skills across the administrative spectrum, enabling them to excel in any role they undertake. By cultivating a holistic understanding of the administrative landscape, our graduates become more adept contributors, seamlessly integrating their roles into the broader organizational framework.

Job Titles Related to this Program

  • Executive Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Financial Administrator
  • Technical Support Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Healthcare Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator

  • Education Administrator
  • Research Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Real Estate Administrative Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Nonprofit Program Coordinator
  • Training And Development Coordinator

Courses Covered
Course Duration : 120 hours
Course Overview :

Become confident in your ability to be an effective team member and an outstanding employee. These workshops are integrated throughout the program to provide you with high-impact communication, team building, and problem solving skills.

Course Duration : 90 hours
Course Overview :

Refine your writing skills, learn the mechanics of professional business writing, and increase your ability and confidence in verbal and written communications.

Prerequisites :

Excel Essentials or a successful Prior Learning Assessment

Course Duration : 30 hours
Course Overview :

Sharpen your math skills to enable you to complete the daily business math tasks required in the computerized office environment. Develop your problem solving abilities and use these skills in other areas.

Course Duration : 45 hours
Course Overview :

Study and practice the systems and procedures used in today’s business offices—everything from file management to organizational techniques. Office generalists are those valuable few who can function in any area of office work.

Course Duration : 100 hours
Course Overview :

One hour of lessons per day is provided for keyboarding practice and skill enhancement.

Course Duration : 370 hours
Course Overview :

Develop proficiency in computer applications that employers demand.

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office Professional Suite:
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
Course Duration : 51 hours
Course Overview :

Practice, develop the skills and prepare the documentation necessary to successfully market yourself to employers.

Course Duration : 8 Weeks
Course Overview :

Use your new skills, earn references, and develop a network for employment in a computerized office environment where you are supported and monitored throughout by program staff. With your input, we will find you a challenging work practicum that will enhance your marketability.

Program Starts

January 2024