Admission Requirements

Administrative Professional
Diploma Program

Standard Admission:

Students must meet ONE of the following criteria.

1. Alberta high school diploma or proof of higher education or a non-Alberta equivalent   OR
2. Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Mature Admission:

Students must meet ALL four of the following criteria.

1. Out of school for one year
2. Successful Entrance Test results
    -75% or better in English
    -60% or better in Math
    (Basic Math skills, English reading comprehension, and writing abilities)
3. Thirty-three credits toward an Alberta high school diploma, or non-Alberta equivalent
4. Achieve a score of grade 11 or higher in the English portion of the Canadian Achievement Test
    (the school’s chosen aptitude test)

In addition to the above requirements, all applicants must:
  • Successfully pass the Entrance Test
  • Submit an essay describing why the student wants to take this program (Entrance Test)
  • Submit a current resume
  • Complete and submit a “Career and Training Investigation Report” related to this field
  • Attend an assessment interview with the school to determine readiness for the commitment of this program, and appropriateness of the career path
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